300 Best Names for Baby Boys with Meaning – For American Parents

Perhaps, one of the most strenuous task for parents during pregnancy is to come up with a satisfying baby name. They are always looking for the best baby names that would sound astoundingly good, as well have a good meaning to carry on.

There are also a lot of studies going on in this matter, which clearly signifies the importance of “Baby Names”. These days, researches also started ranking baby names on the basis of their popularity and meaningfulness, which further led parents to be relatively careful and choosy in matter of naming their babies.

Time has certainly changed, as naming babies were relatively easier, earlier in the 1900s, than it is now. The trend shift of baby names also distinctively divulges the names that were popular in the 1900s to the names that are now. Studies show that one-syllable names like Roy, James, Earl, etc. were popular then. Two syllable names like David, Leonard, Howard were also among the list. As of now, unique and hipster names are being popular among American parents.

Celebrities have certainly started to set a trend for baby names with hipster names like North, Saint, Luna, Archie, etc. A baby’s name may or may not have a meaning to it. Sometimes it’s just a one-syllable name like John and sometimes it’s named with deeper meaning like Luna, Hope, Justice. The uniqueness of the meanings and their values also determine the likability and popularity of the names.

Baby Boys Names

Below we have listed some of the popular baby names with their meanings.

S.N Baby Names Meaning
1) Aace Unity and Freedom
2) Abie Father of a nation
3) Acalan A small narrow and long rowing boat
4) Adish Fire
5) Admon Red
6) AJ Powerful and complete
7) Allston Noble one’s settlement
8) Almanzo Victorious
9) Alpha An excellent first born child with great leadership qualities
10) Angelos Angel of God
11) Anson Son of God
12) Armando A great warrior
13) Arvin A friend to all
14) Auner Adventurous and sophisticated
15) Austen One who has magnificent and great qualities
16) Auden One who is born out of fire
17) Baines Little anvil
18) Barack Blessed
19) Barclay Birch wood
20) Barnett Noble
21) Barron Warrior
22) Batson Son of Bartholomew
23) Beale Handsome and attractive
24) Berkley From the Birch Tree Meadow; where Birches grow
25) Blayne Slender
26) Blaze A flame
27) Brandelyn Derived from Brandy
28) Bronx A place name
29) Bubba A brother
30) Caeden A modern made up name
31) Caesar Thick head of hair
32) Cai Rejoice
33) Cairo A victorious one
34) Caius Person of Earth
35) Calbhach Bald
36) Cale Dog
37) Caleb Whole hearted
38) Calhoun From the corner
39) California A US state name
40) Calix Very handsome
41) Callistus Historical name
42) Calum Dove
43) Calup Created name
44) Calvin Bald
45) Camara Teacher
46) Candra The Moon
47) Cane Stalk of sugar
48) Cannan Wolf cub
49) Cannon Clergyman
50) Caolan Slender man
51) Cargan Little rock
52) Carl Manly
53) Carlos Free man
54) Carlow Quadruple lake
55) Carlson Son of Carl
56) Carlton From the town of the free man
57) Carman Man
58) Casper Treasurer
59) Cassius Vain
60) Cecil Blind to one’s own beauty
61) Chaz A free man
62) Dacia Name of a city
63) Dacian From the city of Dacia
64) Dalton From the valley town
65) Damian Subdue
66) Damir To give peace
67) Danton Everlasting
68) Danyal Only God is my judge
69) Dapper Handsome, well dressed
70) Darin Little dario
71) Dashiell Page boy
72) Dejon A gracious being
73) Denny Name of wealthy God of wine
74) Dexter Intelligent
75) Dior Present
76) Drogo Carry
77) Dyan A gentle being
78) Dyllan An influential person
79) Dzon God is gracious
80) Earl King; warrior or chief
81) Eastan From the East
82) Edsel Noble one
83) Egypt Temple of the soul of Ptah
84) Ehan Expected
85) Elgin A noble and wise person
86) Eljah God is all powerful and mighty
87) Elon Oak tree
88) Elvan Colorful
89) Elwyn A wise old friend
90) Emmett Someone who has a lot of power and is brave
91) Erez Cedar tree
92) Erix Eternal ruler
93) Fabian Bean grower
94) Fabio Bean grower
95) Fabrico Artisan
96) Faith A trust or belief
97) Falcon Bird in the Hawk family
98) Fargo The fenced pasture
99) Faxon Thick-haired
100) Federico Peace ruler
101) Felix Happy and prosperous
102) Finn Fair
103) Flash Bright light
104) Flavian Yellow, blonde
105) Ford River crossing
106) Francis From France; free
107) Frenchy From France
108) Fynn Fair
109) Gabe Short form of Gabriel
110) Gabriel God is my strength
111) Galaxy Structure of the stars
112) Galvan Bald
113) Galvin Sparrow
114) Gareth Spear rule
115) Gates Dweller by the gates
116) Gary Spear rule
117) Geo Farmer or location
118) Glein From the valley
119) Glynn Valley
120) Grant Large
121) Gray A color
122) Grove One who is adventurous and independent
123) Gunnar Battle warrior
124) Gusty Windy
125) Guthrie The windy place
126) Hachi Eight
127) Hachiro Eighth son
128) Hank Ruler of the home
129) Hans God is gracious
130) Happy A state of joy
131) Hawk A bird; free
132) Hayden From the hays down
133) Hayes Lives by the forest
134) Heath From the Heathland
135) Hodor Created name
136) Hofa An American Union Leader
137) Hollis Near the holly
138) Hugh Bright in mind and spirit
139) Hugh Bright in mind and spirit
140) Hummer A high class multi purpose automobile
141) Iago Supplanter
142) Iain God is gracious
143) Immanuel God is with us
144) Ishan Lord of wealth
145) Issa Jesus
146) Ivan God is gracious
147) Ivo Yew
148) Ivar Yew
149) Izel Unique
150) Jacob Supplanter
151) Jaicee To find salvation in the lord
152) Jaide One who is like a green gemstone
153) Jake Supplanter
154) Jasiah American boy name
155) Jason Healer
156) Jasper Treasurer
157) Jay A bird in the crow family
158) Jaxton American created name
159) Jery A person who is a spear ruler
160) Jerry Diminutive form of names beginning with Jer or Ger
161) Joffrey Peace of a stranger
162) Johnathon A form of John
163) Johnny Diminutive form of John
164) Jon It means God is gracious
165) Joosua It means God is gracious. People with this name means they have fun side.
166) Joy Happiness
167) Judas Praised
168) Kaden Fighter
169) Kail Slender
170) Kairos Right or opportune moment
171) Kaiser Leader
172) Kalel It is an invented “Kryphtonian” name and it means The Voice of God
173) Kalin Combination of Caleb and Colin
174) Kash To have money
175) Katz Priest of righteousness
176) Kawai From the water
177) Kayce From the initials K.C
178) Kayson Healer
179) Kazuhito Peace and harmony
180) Keanu Cool mountain breeze
181) Keats Shed worker
182) Keelan Slender
183) Kelin Slender boy
184) Kenley Royal meadow
185) Kenny Beautiful, handsome and fair
186) Keven Beautiful child
187) Kyan Ancient
188) Lance God-like
189) Larnell A modern American coinage of Larry and Darnell
190) Larry From Laurentum, Italy
191) Laurance From the place of Laurel leaves
192) Layne Dweller by the road
193) Lea A person who brings love
194) Leonidas Lion-like
195) Lerin A song that is mine
196) Les Short form of Lester
197) Lexon Sensitive
198) Lloyd Grey
199) Logan Descendant of the warrior
200) Luca Person from Lucania, Italy
201) Lucas From Lucania, Italy
202) Lucky One who is favoured by luck
203) Magnus Big, great
204) Manny God is with us
205) Maple Species of tree
206) Marcel Young warrior
207) March Name of a month
208) Markel The God of War
209) Marlon Little warlike one
210) Maverick An independent person who is non-conformist
211) Merv A vast peer of the realm
212) Michigan A large river
213) Nanook Polar bear that lives in snowy places
214) Nantai Leader
215) Neka A person who is very closer to the ocean
216) Nodin Windy season
217) Oklahoma It means God is my light of my soul
218) Opus Harmonious name
219) Ossie One who is sharp as a God’s spear
220) Patri A noble patrician
221) Pearl Gem
222) Percival Name of a Knight
223) Pete One who is like a stone
224) Qeshuan God is merciful
225) Quinton He who is born fifth
226) Raekwon One who is gifted with words
227) Rain Abundant blessing from above
228) Reyn One who rules
229) Rex Mighty
230) Roel A person who is like a rock
231) Roslan Like a rose flower
232) Sahak One who rejoices
233) Seanix American modern invented name
234) Seger Sea warrior
235) Sheadon Modern American combined name of Shey and Don
236) Shereef Honorable
237) Slate A rock
238) Spike Ear of grain
239) Starlin Like a beautiful star
240) Stash He who  is of the sunrays
241) Syler Scholar
242) Tacoma From the snowy mountain peaks
243) Tahoe Edge of the lake
244) Talasi A corn tassel flower
245) Tameron A modern name
246) Tayden Modern American name
247) Taylen American invented name
248) Tennessee A meeting place
249) Tocho A lion from the mountains
250) Torr Tower
251) Tuari Baby eagle
252) Ulric Wolf ruler
253) Ulysses Wounded in the thigh
254) Utah People of the mountains
255) Uri God is my light
256) Uzi Power, Strength
257) Uzo The road is good
258) Vachel Cowherd
259) Vadin Of unknown meaning
260) Valar Created name
261) Valentin Strength, Health
262) Valentino Strength, Health
263) Valeriy Healthy, of good cheer
264) Valor Bravery
265) Vance From the Marsh
266) Vasquez Son of Vasco
267) Vermont Green mountain
268) Vila With gilded helmet
269) Vince Short form of Vincent
270) Vincent Victorious
271) Viserys Created name
272) Wade Traveler by the Ford
273) Wagner Wagon maker
274) Walden From the valley of Britons
275) Walker Fuller of clothes
276) Wallace Foreigner, stranger
277) Wayne Wagon driver
278) Wen Culture, writing
279) Wilson Son of Williams
280) Winchell From the corner
281) Woods Of the woods
282) Wynn Fair
283) Xadrian Created name
284) Xakery Respelling of Zachary
285) Xander Defender of the people
286) Xenon Guest, host
287) Xylon From the forest
288) Yadid Beloved
289) Yaeger Chase, hunt
290) Yardley From the woods where spars were got
291) Yoda Warrior
292) York From the town of Eburos
293) Yvian  Combination of Yves, Yvonne and Vivian
294) Yvon Ewe
295) Zac Short form of Zachary
296) Zach God has remembered
297) Zain Handsome
298) Zander Defender of the people
299) Zen Type of Buddhism
300) Zo Spiritual leader



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