300 Best Names for Baby Girls with Meaning – For American Parents

Picking a baby’s name is an intimidating emotion. It is one of those things that make us feel like a parent. With modern trends and time, it’s difficult to find a name that never goes out of trend. It is important to have a meaning and hold a history that signifies connection like your great grandmother’s name or character of a movie of the first date.

To say the least it’s a tough job. A tongue twister name is not good either. Names should add value to who the person is and where does he belong to. It’s something that will be taken to death bed so it should be meaningful. Especially the name of a girl is to be chosen with love and care. Different trends have dominated in different eras of time. Back in the 1900s Christian names were popular. Names like Mary, Eve, Hannah were found in every household. A girl’s name was associated with being princess-like or being sweet. The names like Barbie, Debby were a lot in use. However, with time parents are drawn to the girl’s name reflecting wisdom, power, and courage.

300 Best Names for Baby Girls

Baby Girls Names

Here we have handpicked names for baby girls to help parents or soon to be parents to choose from.

S.N. Names Meaning
1    Aada First born female
2    Aarika Eternal ruler
3     Abaigel Beautiful
    Adelaide Nobel
4 Adelina Nobel
5 Adira Strong, noble, powerful
6 Agnes Pure
7 Alessia Defender
8 Alina The noble one
9 Amara Eternally lovely
10 Amie Beloved
11 Amelia The defender
12 Amelie Hardworking
13 Amira An Imperial
14 Andrea Manly
15 Angelina An angel
16 Annabelle Beautiful
17 April A month
18 Armani Warrior
19 Aspen Tree with heart shaped leaves
20 Athena Goddess of wisdom and warfare
21 Aubrey Fair ruler
22 Aurora Northern light
23 Avery Ruler of elves
24 Azalea Flower
25 Barbara Traveller from foreign land
26 Beatrix One who brings happiness
27 Belinda Pretty one
28 Bella Beautiful
29 Bellatrix Female warrior
30 Birdie Little bird
31 Bridgette Strength
32 Blossom To bloom
33 Bonnie Pretty
34 Brielle Warrior of god
35 Caily Slender
36 Calista Most beautiful
37 Calliope Beautiful voice
38 Callan Battle, rock
39 Camilla Warrior maiden
40 Carla Free women
41 Carolyn Strong
42 Caroline Song of happiness
43 Casey Brave in battle
44 Celine Sky or heaven
45 Charlotte Petite
46 Chloe Blooming
47 Clover Lucky
48 Colette Victorious
49 Constance Constant
50 Dakota A friend
51 Daisy Flower
52 Diana Supplier
53 Daviana Beloved
54 Davina Little deer
55 Dawn Beginning of new day
56 Daynan Kind hearted
57 Dontanella Beautiful gift
58 Dorothy Gift of god
59 Eden Delight
60 Emma Complete
61 Emorsyn Bravery
62 Eliza Oath of god
63 Ella Light
64 Ellen Most beautiful women
65 Ellie Shining light
66 Elsie Noble by birth
67 Erina The beautiful one
68 Esperanza To hope
69 Esther Star
70 Evanna Young and brave fighter
71 Faye Fairy
72 Fayre Beautiful
73 Felicia Lucky or successful
74 Fern Shade loving plant
75 Fia Flame
76 Finely Fair warrior
77 Flora Flower
78 Florence Blossoming
79 Gabriella One whose strength is god
80 Gardenia The flower
81 Gelsia Girl with golden hair
82 Genevieve Famous bearer
83 Georgia Worker of earth
84 Giselle Pledge
85 Grace God’s favour
86 Gwyneth White, blessed
Harlov Army
88 Halona Happy fortune
89 Hannah Grace of god
90 Hazel Nut bearing plant
91 Heather Evergreen flower
92 Heidi Of Nobel birth
93 Helen Bright and shining light
94 Holly Tree with sharp leaves
95 Hyacith Flower sprouted in battle
96 Indigo Darkish purple colour
97 Ireland A country
98 Isa Jesus, strength
99 Isabella Devoted to god
100 Isla Scottish river
111 Ivory Pure
112 Ivy Faithfulness
113 Jade Green gemstone
114 Jasmine Fragrant flower
115 Jayla One who is special
116 Jaymie Supplanter
117 Jesse Gift
118 Jessica Rich
119 Joyce Bringing joy to life
120 Katherine Pure and clear
121 Kaytlyn Pure
122 Kiera Little dark one
123 Kellina Strong willed
124 Kenina Born from fire
125 Keva Beautiful child
126 Kyomi Pure and beautiful
127 Laura Victory
128 Lavender Fragrant purple flower
129 Layla Night
130 Lea Person who brings love
131 Lila Dark beauty
132 Liliac Pale purple flower
133 Lillie Purity
134 Linda Pretty
135 London A city in England
136 Lottie Tiny and feminine
137 Lotus A flower
138 Luana Content
139 Lucinda Beautiful light
140 Lynne Beautiful waterfall
141 Mabel My beautiful one
142 Marabel Beautiful Mary
143    Marilyn A wished-for child
144 Marnie Rejoice
145 May A month
146 Maya Water
147 Meadow Beautiful field
148 Naava Delightful
149 Naomi Pleasantness
150 Narabel Beautiful light
151 Nelly Shining light
152 Noah Calm
153 Nomi Pleasant and beautiful
154 Nova New
155 Olivia Olive tree
156 Omorose Beautiful child
157 Orabelle Beautiful seacoast
158 Osla God consecrated
159 Paris A beautiful city
160 Pearl Precious
161 Poppy A flower
162 Primose First rose
163 Quinn Wisdom
164 Rachel Beautiful
165 Raeghan Wise one
166 Raith God like beauty
167 Raanana Fresh and pleasing
168 Rayne Queen
169 Raymond Wise protection
170 Reva Red flag
171 Riana Goddess of fertility
172 Robin A bird
173 Romily God’s beloved one
174 Rosaleen Beautiful, little rose
175 Rosabel Beautiful rose
176 Rosalind Pretty rose
177 Rose A flower
178 Rosemarry Dew of sea
179 Ruari Rust coloured
180 Ruby A red gem
181 Sadie Princess
182 Saffron A precious spice
183 Sahara Dawn
184 Samantha Listener
185 Sandra Defender of mankind
186 Sapphire Beautiful blue gem
187 Sasha Defender
188 Savannah From open plain
189 Scarlett Red
190 Selena Moon goddess
191 Shannon Old and wise
192 Sharon Plain
193 Sicily City in Italy
194 Sophie Wisdom
195 Sonnet A lyric poem
196 Stella Star
197 Summer Carefree, season
198 Susan Graceful lily
199 Sydney Wide island
200 Tabitha Gazelle
201 Tamara Palm tree
202     Tanya Praiseworthy
203 Tatinia A character in Shakespeare’s play
204 Tatum Light hearted
205 Tegan Beautiful, fair
206 Tempest Turbulent, stormy
207 Thea Melting ice
208 Thelma Bear of thor
209 Theodra Goddess of justice
210 Tina One who honours god
211 Tiffany Princess, fancy
212 Tori Spear of thor
213 Toni Little twin
214 Trish Traveller
215 Trixie Who brings happiness
216     Tyra River
217 Ubika Growth
218 Ubon Lotus flower
219 Uchenna God’s will
220 Udele Prosperous one
221 Uki Survivor
222 Ulani Light hearted
223 Ulanni Heavenly beauty
224 Ulva She wolf
225 Umarani Queen of queens
226 Unira Water lady
227 Valentina Strong or healthy
228 Valerie Health
229 Venus Goddess of love and beauty
230 Verity Truth
231 Veronica A holy name
232 Vica Life
233 Victoria Roman goddess of beauty
234 Victory Winner
235 Violette Purple
236 Virginia Maiden
237 Viviana Lively
238 Xana Gold haired
239 Xanthia Yellow, blonde
240 Xavia Bright or splendid
241 Xena Guest or stranger
242 Xin Joyful or happy
243 Yan Dark red
244 Yana God is gracious
245 Yasmin Jasmine flower
246 Yedda Beautiful voice
247 Yohana Favoured by god
248 Yoshie Good or respectful
249 Zahlee Princess
250 Zahra Flower
251 Zara Radiance
252 Zia Light or splendour
253 Zoey Life





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